Peter Nyberg

Peter Nyberg

Peter (or Per) Håkansson was born on April 29, 1869 in Andrarum, Sweden. His parents were Håkan Olsson and Hanna Svensdotter.

Peter immigrated to the United States in 1888 as a young man with his two brothers, Ola and Andrew. He changed his name to Peter Nyberg on arrival, though both his brothers chose the surname Schmidt. Their parents did not immigrate.

On September 1, 1894, Peter and his hired man survived the Great Hinckley Fire by lying in the creek and covering themselves with a water-soaked blanket.

Ellen Christina Lundberg was born on February 2, 1872 in Sweden. Her parents were Karl Ludvig Lundberg and Anna Christina Stromberg.

Ellen and her parents immigrated the US in 1892.

Peter and Ellen were married January 25, 1895. They had six children: Ruth, Oscar, Florence, William, Lloyd, and Lillian. All of their children were born in Minnesota.

When Peter was about 70 years old, he surprised his family by buying an 80-acre farm with a herd of Holstein cattle. He sold this after a few years.

Peter died on September 23, 1948 in Minnesota. Ellen died on June 12, 1951 in Minneapolis. They are buried in Hillside Cemetery in Minneapolis.

Parents & Ancestry Edit

Hakan Olsson Hanna Svensdotter Karl Ludvig LundbergAnna Christina Stromberg
Peter Nyberg Ellen Lundberg

Håkan Olsson

  • Born on December 14, 1822
  • Died January 17, 1887

Hanna Svensdotter (or Svensson)

  • Born on September 2, 1825
  • Died on October 8, 1899

Håkan and Hanna

  • Married May 5, 1855

Children Edit

Ruth Mary Nyberg Edit

  • Born February 28, 1896 in Hinckley, MN
  • Married March 3, 1957, age 61
  • Died July 25, 1970 in Palmetto, FL
  • Spouse: Harry Milton Zimmers
    • Born on April 17, 1886 in Denver, CO
    • Died on March 26, 1971
    • Harry's first wife Nettie Myers died in 1956
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Oscar & Wilma Nyberg

Oscar & Wilma Nyberg

Oscar Leroy Nyberg Edit

  • Born on October 14, 1897
  • Died on November 29, 1993
  • Married Wilma Frieda Winblad
  • Had 8 children: 6 girls and 2 boys
  • Buried in Rosehill Cemetery in Hinckley, MN
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Florence Christina Nyberg Edit

  • Born on August 6, 1899 in Hinckley, MN
  • Died on October 15, 1979 in Minneapolis, MN
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William McKinley "Mac" Nyberg Edit

  • Born on October 11, 1901 in Hinckley, MN
  • Died on July 21, 1982 in Minneapolis, MN
  • Apparently he was named after President William McKinley, who was assassinated on September 14, 1901, about a month before Mac was born
  • Through his life he had one crippled arm, due to contracting polio as a child
  • Married Gladys Evangeline Dahl on September 3, 1943 in Hennepin County, MN
    • Born on February 21, 1908 in Dassal, MN
    • Died on January 9, 1991 in Minneapolis, MN
  • Had at least one child:
    • Dale Warren Nyberg, born June 16, 1945
  • Buried in Sunset Memorial Park in Minneapolis, MN
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Lloyd Elmer Nyberg Edit

  • Born on December 17, 1904 in Hinckley, MN
  • Died on May 29, 1965 in AL
  • Married Florence Gillman
    • Born in 1909 in Detroit, MI
    • Died on June 7, 1965

Lillian Hannah Nyberg [Lundquist] Edit

Timeline Edit

April 29 1869 Peter is born in Sweden
February 2 1872 Ellen is born in Sweden
January 17 1887 Peter's father Hakan Olsson dies
1888 Peter immigrates to the US
1892 Ellen immigrates to the US with her parents
September 1 1894 Great Hinckley Fire
January 12 or 25 1895 Peter and Ellen are married in Wisconsin
February 1896 daughter Ruth is born
October 14 1897 son Oscar is born
August 1899 daughter Florence is born
September 1901 President William McKinley is assassinated
October 11 1901 son William "Mac" is born
  • presumably named after President McKinley
December 17 1904 son Lloyd is born
March 23 1908 daughter Lillian is born
September 23 1948 Peter dies
June 12 1951 Ellen dies

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Sweden Baptisms Edit

  • Per is a Swedish form of Peter. Here as a baby Peter is listed under his father's surname Olsson, instead of his own Håkansson.
Name Per Olsson
Gender Male
Birth Date April 29, 1864
Birthplace Andrarum, Kristianstad, Sweden
Father's Name Håkan Olsson
Mother's Name Hanna Svensdotter

Wisconsin Marriages Edit

Name Per H. Nyberg
Event Type Marriage
Date January 12, 1895
Place West Superior, Douglas County, Wisconsin, USA
Gender Male
Race White
Birthplace Sweden
Father's Name Hakan Olson
Mother's Name Hanna Olson
Spouse's Name Ellen Christina Lundberg
Spouse's Gender Female
Spouse's Race White
Spouse's Birthplace Sweden
Spouse's Father's Name Karl Lundberg
Spouse's Mother's Name Christina Lundberg
Note Birth Place: res - Mission Creek, Minn.; Pr Name: farmer;

Census Edit

1895 Minnesota State Census Edit

1900 US Federal Census Edit

USFC 1900 Peter Nyberg

1900 US Federal Census

1905 Minnesota State Census Edit

MN 1905 Peter Nyberg

1905 Minnesota State Census

1910 US Federal Census Edit

USFC 1910 Peter Nyberg

1910 US Federal Census

1920 US Federal Census Edit

USFC 1920 Ellen Nyberg

1920 US Federal Census

US Federal Census Edit


Not found.

Most of the 1890 Census was lost in a fire, probably including this/these record(s).


Peter and Ellen are living with their three children:

Ruth (4), Oscar (3), and Florence (1).

Peter and Ellen have been married 5 years.

Ellen reported that all of the children she has had are still living.


Peter and Ellen have six children, ages 2 through 14.

They live in Pokegama, Pine County, MN.


Ellen is the head of the household, and all six children are living with her.

Peter is not present for an unknown reason.

1930 Peter and Ellen live alone.
1940 Not yet found.

Minnesota State Census Edit

1895 Peter and Ellen are married but have no children yet.
1905 Most of the image available at FamilySearch is not legible due to bad lighting and the records are not connected as a family. The names are visible. Peter and Ellen live in Mission Creek with their 5 children and Peter is a farmer.

Obituary - Lillian Hannah Lundquist Edit

Lillian Lundquist, age 103, of Pine City and formerly of Hinckley and south Minneapolis died at Lakeside Nursing Home in Pine City on September 11, 2011.
She is survived by sons Dennis (Kathy) Lundquist of Monticello and Landis (Kathi) Lundquist of Woodbury; grandchildren: Andrew (Jen) Lundquist, Rachel (Matt) Ridenour, Benjamin Lundquist, Elizabeth (J.P.) McIntosh, Angela (Brian) Bomgren, Daniel (Netta) Lundquist, and Emilie Lundquist; seven great grandchildren; other relatives and many friends.
Lillian was preceded in death by husband Kjell Lundquist; son Gary Lundquist, her parents Peter and Ellen Nyberg, sisters Ruth and Florence; brothers Oscar, McKinley, and Lloyd.
The funeral service will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday, September 15, 2011, at the First Covenant Church in Minneapolis with the Reverend Dan Thompson officiating.  Music will be provided by Doug and Jack Vigoren.  Casket bearers are Andrew Lundquist, Benjamin Lundquist, Daniel Lundquist, J.P. McIntosh, Brian Bomgren, and Matt Ridenour.  A visitation will be held at 10:30 a.m. preceding the funeral at the church.  Interment is at Pleasant View Memorial Gardens in Burnsville, Minnesota.  
Funeral arrangements are with the Funeral and Cremation Service - Swanson Funeral Chapel of Pine City, Minnesota   320-629-3120

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WWI Draft - Oscar Nyberg

WWI Draft - Oscar Nyberg