Wilhelm Winblad

Wilhelm Winblad

Wilhelm (William) Fridolf Winblad

Rena Koksma

Rena Koksma

Rena Koksma [Winblad]

  • Born in 1881 in Holland
  • Died in 1904 in Minnesota
  • Parents were John Koksma & Frances DeVries
  • Buried with her parents in Rosehill Cemetery in Hinckley, MN

Wilhelm & Rena

  • Married on January 18, 1902
  • Had 1 child: Wilma Frieda Winblad

Biography Edit

Wilhelm Winblad was born in Sweden. He and his parents immigrated to the United States in 1888.

Rena Koksma was born in Holland (the Netherlands). She immigrated to the USA.

Wilhelm & Rena married on January 18, 1902.

William became sick with tuberculosis and was sent away to a better climate. He recovered from TB, but his health continued to decline. He returned to Minnesota and died at his parents' house. He was 21 years old and he and Rena had only been married about 9 months.

About a month after Wilhelm's death, Rena gave birth to baby Wilma on June 29, 1903.

Rena died sometime in 1904, about a year after her daughter's birth, at about 23 years old. Her official cause of death was "cancer of the liver and spleen", but Wilma always said her mother died of a broken heart.

Wilhelm and Rena are not buried together.

Children Edit

Oscar & Wilma Nyberg

Wilma & Oscar Nyberg

Wilhelm and Rena had one child.

Wilma Frieda Winblad [Nyberg] Edit

Wilma was born on June 29, 1903, about a month after her father's death, and was named for her father. About a year later, her mother also died. Orphaned Wilma was then raised by her mother's parents, John and Frances Koksma, and sister, Fronie Koksma. Wilma died on December 13, 1985.

She married Oscar Nyberg.

They had 8 children: 6 girls and 2 boys.

  • Gladys, Dorothy, Donna, Paul, Irene, Annette, Leonard, Jeanice
  • As of 2016, 5 of these are still living

Wilma and Oscar are buried in Rosehill Cemetery in Hinckley, MN.


Timeline Edit

1881 Rena is born in Holland
December 4 1881 Wilhelm is born in Sweden
1888 Wilhelm immigrates the USA with his parents
January 18 1902 Wilhelm and Rena are married
April 20 or 22 1903 Wilhelm dies
June 29 1903 daughter Wilma is born
1904 Rena dies in MN

Documents & Articles Edit

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Sweden Indexed Birth Records Edit

given name Wilhelm Fridolf
birth date December 4, 1882
birth place Pjätteryd, Kronoberg, Sweden
father Peter August Winblad
mother Clara Magnidotter
mother's age 23

Iron Range Research Center Edit

Minnesota Deaths and Burials - Wm. F. Winblad Edit

Name Wm. F. Winblad
Gender Male
Death Date April 22, 1903
Death Place Miloca, Mille Lacs, Minnesota
Age 21
Birth Date 1882
Father's Name Peter A.
Mother's Name Clara